Why Choose Ames Christian School?

Quality education is an investment in your child's future. Our superb learning environment provides both academic and spiritual instruction to develop Christian leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers provide personalized instruction to each student and our Preschool has won local awards for being the best.

Why is Personalized Instruction Better?

Our teachers care about each student. Our school is a multi-denominational Christian community committed to our students growth. High teacher to student interaction is the foundation of quality learning.

What Size Are Your Classes?

Our teacher to student ratio is exceptional! Smaller class sizes allows for more time to be spent with each student and our class sizes will vary. Ask our parents about the value of these smaller class sizes and you will hear how their child has grown exponentially because of it.

How Do You Build Christian Character?

We build Christian character through spiritual instruction based on Biblical principles. Each grade also has mission and outreach projects they implement. Building Christian character begins in each home and Ames Christian School continues this mission for parents.

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